Arthur's Cave, Snowdonia National Park


Click here to watch the construction of Arthur's Cave on Channel 4's 'Cabins in the wild with Dick Strawbridge'

Arthur's Cave is one of eight cabins featured as part of Channel 4 competition series, 'Cabin's in the Wild with Dick Strawbridge'. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss your unique cabin project!

Taking inspiration from the ancient landscape and legends of north Wales but using innovative modern construction techniques. Legend has it that there is a cave in Wales slept in by King Arthur and his knights while travelling — a cave that could be discovered once and never again… It incorporates many Welsh building materials including sheep's wool insulation and larch cladding. The CNC birch plywood rib structure interlocks using complex jigsaw puzzle joints (CNC cutting by Cut and Construct).

Designed by Miller Kendrick Architects, EJ Ryder worked with them collaboratively from the outset to design in efficiencies and build-ability at the early stages. The project was completed within 4 weeks between 3 locations, East London, Somerset and Snowdonia National Park with the help of The Burford Farm Project. Photography by Paul Miller.


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