East London

East London, residential

Featuring powder blue, plywood and a seamless reclaimed floor.

A bold kitchen redesign and renovation for nervous clients in East London. Laura and Rex Chen got in touch after we fitted pieces at Lauras’s office, Gousto.
Having just bought a Victorian substantial family home in Walthamstow they were nervous about the level of renovation required and the challenge of finding a reputable construction firm who could marry innovative design with high quality finishing. We worked closely with them, and their architect Michael Spooner, to reassure and hold their hands through a significant project and to ensure that their vision was realised.
Our joint recommendation was to remove their existing extension, install a full height angled window and adjust the floor levels to bring kitchen and paving on one level, seamlessly. It was a recommendation that required a great deal of structural change, but in return created a unique space that they truly love.
In the kitchen we encouraged bold colour choice with a striking powder blue – designed by us, softened with ply and a reclaimed wooden floor sourced by us. We then scoured wood yards to match the two using reclaimed factory decking outside. This clever piece of design created harmony between the inside and outside delivering a seamless, and seemingly bigger, space.

Rex and Laura now have a striking new home built around the kitchen and garden space giving it a bright and vibrant new heart. We’ve since been back to fit wardrobes and living room shelving, and have been recommended to artist Tian Donnell - who we later built a very original garden studio in nearby Leyton.