Field, Dalston

Field Studio Fit

Featuring: Lino, a honeycomb structure and ‘Bongo Jazz II’
Our challenge was to create a larger than normal table and a window work station for a highly creative studio, in East London.

Field got in touch to commission a large table and bring to life a rather inventive window workstation, dreamed up by their interior designers Livia & Loris.

The table they required was much larger than you would usually expect to be supported on only 4 legs. Our magic touch was to play with this and apply the aesthetic of defying gravity by keeping the thickness of the top to under 20mm. To maintain stiffness over this span we created a honey-comb structure beneath using 18mm birch ply. The structure was designed and positioned in such away so that if you were stood within their studio the structure is completely invisible.

For the 11m window workstation, we had to steam bend 2 layers of plywood in a similar way to an aeronautical manufacturer. Once built this structure was sprayed with a matt PU paint called 'Bongo Jazz ll". We also designed a secondary sliding glazing system to compliment and upgrade the performance of the inherently cold and noisy Crittal windows to which the window station was positioned. Made up of 24 sliding panels, the windows are the biggest feature in the space, made from black Valchromat and heavy-duty Haffele running gear. Each joint needed to be sealed with black brush strips to keep the cold air out, warm air in, and the East London traffic noise out.

The space is impressive and fitting of the type of work that Field do.  They have since grown, and ordered 15 black desktops to match their windows sliding windows.