Lulu Guinness, Covent Garden and Royal Exchange


Lulu Guinness retail display

Featuring: Colour matched paint, angular details and giant lips. Acclaimed fashion designer Lulu Guinness first got in touch to colour match four giant props to eight of their different coloured handbags for a shoot in less than five days. It may have been tough, but not impossible! And that was just the start of it.

To make sure we got the colour match spot on, we took delivery of the designer handbags to our studio and visited a local paint specialist to scan and perfectly match the paint to true colour. The props were then created and sprayed up, with plenty of time to spare before the shoot.

After achieving the seemingly impossible, our next brief was a little more straight-forward; a stand out retail display for her high-end Royal Exchange boutique in the heart of London City.

With a tight budget and a necessity to minimise disruption, we took the Lulu Guinness design team sketches and colour scheme as our start point. From this we created a simple, yet vibrant retail display unit with floating shelves, pegs and angular sections of colour from the latest collection.
The display was fitted outside of hours to ensure no disruption. The significant impact that it delivered then led to a request for two more units to take pride of place in their brand new Covent Garden store.