MiH Jeans

Our job was to turn inventive store ideas into shop ready and customer proof items in just over a month, for 3 stores in Oslo.
Working with store designers Laetitia and Matteo we soon realised their highly creative and far out material choices, would be the ultimate feat in the timeframe.

Most materials were not available from our usual suppliers, or London, or even the UK - but we didn’t let that stop us. Our finest moment was taking delivery of some yellow cement board (Viroc) from Portugal, with only just enough time to sand it and cut it to size and drive our precious cargo over to Oslo in less than 24hrs.

Whilst it may seem that sourcing was a major part of the job - the stained veneers from Italy, recycled yoghurt pot from North Wales and Viroc from Portugal – our biggest challenge was in-fact prototyping the top-heavy 360 clothes rail. This piece not only had to withstand masses of merchandise in a retail environment, but actually took 10 separate suppliers to create - from metal fabricators, CNC cutting and tube bending to brass cutting, powder coating and venetian plasterers. We cleared our heads in the icy Norwegian Fjords after that one!

The M.i.h team loved the Oslo stores. We’ve since made and fitted all furniture to all of their London stores within Liberty, Selfridges and Fenwick as well as theSoho pop up shop and Hammersmith HQ showroom seen below.