Signal Noise, Shoreditch

Signal Noise studio update

Featuring reclaimed oak, lino and clever storage.

Our brief was to create a shared kitchen and dining space in an awkward section of an open plan office space.

Graphic designers Signal Noise wanted to create a hub for the office - transforming a decrepit kitchen corner into an inviting space that could be used for staff as well as for informal meetings with clients. The existing kitchen was impractical, small, and a mine- field of pipes and obstacles.

Rather than go for the obvious white gloss, we complimented the agency branding with a deep blue and a bright pistachio Formica laminate on birch ply. In the corner we placed two large custom EJ Ryder tables, along with bespoke benches providing canteen style seating for more than 10 people. The worktops were made to match the tables and benches, with forbo furniture lino pressed onto plywood and reclaimed oak.

Our job didn’t stop there. With an open plan office, there was an additional problem of storage. With some clever space re-arranging we managed to solve all these problems at the same time as kitchen build with little extra effort. We blocked off awkward spaces to create a cupboard and general storage areas and installed new accessible doors. On the front of cupboard doors we used magnetic whiteboard laminate to double up their use, and turned the door handles into a nifty pen holders, made out of leftover oak from the kitchen build. The Signal Noise team are extremely happy with their studio update, having transformed the way staff use the space. We are now about to embark on phase two, an exciting new office move to Here East.