Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park

Here at EJ Ryder we appreciate it when new business comes to us organically; Stroud Green Road being no exception. Having worked with Alice Brown on various projects she proclaimed her admiration for our concept and quality finishes, and requested that we transform her basic living area into a more hospitable space with a homely feel. It was important to Alice that we worked collaboratively throughout the entire process; using a combination of our designer's strengths and the client's preferences. The finished result was created without any technical or line drawings, causing the full vision to not be realised until it was captured in a high res render, a well received challenge for our design team.


Alice wanted a way to combine her living area into one space, creating a flow through that brought the lounge and kitchen together. We achieved this by building a hatch between both rooms, consisting of white sprayed MDF doors with integrated finger pulls; bringing light to both areas with visibility of the yellow painted plywood shutters throughout the space. 


To compliment the colour palette in the lounge and keeping the flow through element, we used blue formica laminate worktops and birch plywood doors with integrated finger pulls in the kitchen. Combining this with the matching coloured tiles above the sink really brought the overall aesthetics together, resulting in another satisfied client with a unique living space tailored for them.